Newsletter District 4 -JULY 2017


JULY 18 TUESDAY - 7:00 pm - Citizens Hall DC Courthouse- THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS WILL VOTE ON THE LOCATION SITE FOR THE SENIOR CENTER FUNDED THROUGH SPLOST FUNDS.  The Chairman stated today she favored the Lithia Springs location.

This NOTICE is late due to the Agenda being amended on Friday after 6 PM

Citizens who wish to express their opinion about the location of this new Senior Center should contact the Board of Commissioners at  or by calling (770) 920-7266 to express your opinion.  The Public may also speak at the meeting

  • The SPLOST Selection Committee recommended the WESTERN SIDE OF COUNTY as the best location to serve the needs of Douglas County.
  • The selected site should be on property already owned by the County. 
  • There are 800 acres at the Dog River Library property –which could serve the western, southern, and central parts of the county.
  • Two Commissioners also want the Senior Center to be located in Lithia Springs, which would mostly serve the northeastern part of Douglas County and part of the southern end of COBB COUNTY.
  • There are already two (2) Senior Centers in District 1 (Commissioner Henry Mitchell’s district).  If Lithia Springs is chosen for this new Senior Center, Douglas County would have 3 located in District 1…ALL BEING NORTH of I-20.  This would result in COMPLETELY UNDER SERVING THE other 3/4 OF THE COUNTY (everyone South of I-20).  The SPLOST is an additional 1 cent sales tax for the next 6 years.



The construction site off Bright Star Road is a manufacturing facility of replacement windows relocating from the eastern side of the county to this new site.  This is so the facility could expand their operation here in Douglas County.  The entry into and exit out of the facility will be off Highway 5 across from Gurley Road.  Rumor had it coming off Bright Star Road.


Although the weather has been a huge factor in the delay of our repaving program this year, the unbudgeted $650,000 “bike lanes” on Riverside Parkway in District 2…that was slipped in without full Board approval…has occupied  much of  our road crew’s time.  Procedures have now been put in place to prevent such exploitation from happening in the future, but this year’s resurfacing program is running weeks behind because of it. You should see some paving in District 4 within the next 45-60 days.

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