TOWN HALL - 6 p.m., Thursday, May 25th, in the community room of the Dog River Library, 6100 Georgia Highway 5. All County residents, regardless of whether or not they live in District 4, are welcome to attend.

DOG RIVER TRAILS are officially OPEN - gates will be open from dawn to dusk, including weekends

Oops… to some of our Commissioners.  Statements made at the BOC meeting Tuesday night by Commissioners Mitchell and Robinson concerning the location of the Splost senior center and the youth complex were definitely untrue.   A decision as to where these two capital projects are to be located has not been decided by the BOC, a fact that can be verified by researching the Minutes or by County Manager, Mark Teal.  In Tuesday’s BOC meeting, when I stated “I had not attended a meeting where a decision was made”, it set off somewhat scolding remarks from others, although both the Splost coordinator and County Manager agreed the locations had not yet been approved by the entire Board.   The beginning of the conversation starts at the 22.00 minute point in the meeting….. (http://www.celebratedouglascounty.com/view/departments/view_dept/&cdept=204&department=Board%20of%20Commissioners%20Meetings%20Broadcast .

 Com. Robinson stated the “idea” came out of his District 2 town halls, but that “he had decided” it would also serve his district if it were located in Lithia Springs (District 1).  By the way, if the senior center were to be built in Lithia Springs, it would mean both senior centers would be located in that one district… as Woodie Fite is also in District 1.   It would also mean both locations would be north of I-20, thereby leaving three fourths of the county under-served.

The Committee established by the County to have citizens’ input on the Splost projects (CPSC)  was instructed several times that they were not to just look at what they wanted in THEIR DISTRICT but rather what was best  for the entire County.  The committee was divided into sub-groups that were made up of citizens from each district in order to prevent any favoritism or manipulation of the projects. More than half actually favored the western side of the county, according to records from Mark.

No commissioner has the right or the authority to dictate where either complex is to be located.  Private conversations between two commissioners are just that…. conversations.  No decision can be made on behalf of the BOC.  We, as the BOC, should look at how any multi-purpose, county facilities can best serve the county as a whole, making them convenient and assessable to as many citizens throughout the county.   We should have learned our lesson with the Boundary Waters’ location.

In regards to the senior center, District 4 has as many seniors as any district being the largest district of the 4….see map

http://www.celebratedouglascounty.com/view/global/viewdownload/&docid=3592&file=/commission_district_4.pdf.  This requires our seniors to drive a great distance to participate in the Woodie Fite activities.